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An Independent NuViewHR Software Analysis

Operating in a single-tenant database architecture, NuViewHR is organized in software modules; of which the core HR & Benefits offering is the only required component. All other software modules are considered to be add-ons. Further, both the HR and Payroll modules can be Licensed or Hosted as stand-alone solutions.

  • HR & Benefits Administration
    Functionality for this HR software module includes out-of-the-box options for managing compensation, maintaining demographic information, and administering benefits options through an employee-specific data repository. Specifically, HR system capabilities (though customization options are extensive) fall into the broad categories of Demographics (i.e. Employee Profiles, Emergency Contacts, Immigration data, Property/Asset tracking, Relocations, Previous employment, Skills/competencies, and Certifications); Benefits (i.e. Unlimited Plans, Cafeteria benefits, FSA/HSA's, Flexible eligibility rules, Carrier interfaces, International benefits, 401k / 403B Plans, and COBRA administration); Employee Compensation (i.e. Salary reporting, Termination management, Position management, Compensation structures, Salary components, and Stock offerings/ Bonus & Incentives); Performance (i.e. Skills, Education, Training needs, Courses taken/competencies, Reviews, Discipline, and Outcomes & Timeframes); and Leave/PTO (i.e. Absence Accruals, Time off requests, and FMLA).
  • Payroll
    NuView offers three options for Payroll: Hosted, In-house, and 3rd-party integration. Few substantive differences seem to exist between NuView's "Hosted" vs. "In-house" Payroll solutions, save for the ability for an organization to process payroll on its own schedule versus NuView's and the fact that NuView offers "real-time, no batch" payroll. Aside from these differences, both solutions have the capabilities to access multiple pay rates by employee; maintain multiple State & Local earnings and taxes by employee; complete payroll taxes and tax filing services; and audit payroll and correct errors before transmitting for completion. Further, both solutions have complete garnishment services available; provide unlimited check history on-line; allow for check voidance; allow for processing of current year payrolls before the prior year is finalized; provide access to NuView's reporting/exporting features; and both solutions allow for interfacing to General Ledger (GL) Systems and 3rd party time keeping systems. As for the 3rd-party integration, this option simply allows the customer to tag onto their existing payroll solution and provides the benefits of single or bi-directional interfaces (HR to Payroll or Payroll to HR); including any data fields such as time-worked, earnings, deductions and accruals.
  • Employee Self-Service
    Functionality for the ESS module includes the ability for employees to take part in benefit open enrollment; record life event changes; generate/view their total benefit statement; submit PTO requests; review/submit performance evaluation materials; submit timesheet entries (hours or exceptions); view payroll information; enroll in training classes; submit benefit claim forms; and view any/all applicable company policies.
  • Manager Self-Service
    Functionality for the MSS module includes the ability for managers to enter requisitions; approve life event changes; initiate/approve promotion and/or salary changes; approve PTO requests; conduct employee evaluations; approve employee work hours; approve new hire on boarding; approve training requests; and review department reports. Managers also have the ability to review department specific metrics and reports that highlight changes and trends within their own business units.

Additional software modules that more closely coincide with talent management functions include:

  • Compensation Management module – Functionality includes: Compensation Modeling; Manager Budget Allocation Worksheets; Merit Matrices; Variances; Direct/Indirect roll-ups; and a robust reporting library for business intelligence and compliance.
  • Recruiting module – Functionality includes: Company website and/or job boards postings; screening questions application; internal/external search; candidate ranking; and report generation for Equal Employment Opportunity.
  • Performance Management module - Functionality includes: Multiple Reviews (Employees, Manager, 360˚); Development Direction; Goal Setting; and Outcomes/Due Dates.
  • Succession Management module - Functionality includes: Organizational Charting; Gap Analysis; candidate "backfilling"; individually-designed career paths; and "Ready Dates".
  • Time Entry module - Functionality includes: On-line timesheet to enter work hours and/or paid time off; support for both "hours" and "exception only" classifications; flexible approval mechanism; Labor allocation (for Department, Job, and Project); and integration with Payroll.

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NuViewHR Software Review



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