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Meta4 Software Review

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Meta4 Best Fit & Competitors

Sweet Spot
Per company admission, the target market for Meta4's PeopleNet solution is 1K to 15K employees; however the company does not qualify out of sales that go above or below that target. For organizations that have between 500 and 1K employees, Meta4's efforts are to simplify the solution (and consequently reduce prices) in order to offer a mutually beneficial service; however, organizations with fewer than 500 employees are explicitly not targeted according to company representatives.

No industry verticals are explicitly targeted with Meta4's software solutions, and the company attests to being able to fully support any company; however, it should be noted that a large percentage of Meta4's business comes from healthcare, insurance, and public administration; an sign that those industries have been particularly well-served by the Meta4 HCM solution. Marquis customers include:

  • Bimbo – 65K employees in 9 countries
  • Bridgestone Europe – 10K employees in 17 European countries
  • Boehringer Ingelheim – 1,200 employees in 8 South American countries
  • Carvajal Group – 15K employees in 17 countries
  • The Telefónica Group – 100K employees in 4 countries
  • Veolia Group – 15K employees in 3 countries
  • Government of Mexico D.F. – 200K employees
  • Secretariat for Public Administration in Mexico – 3M+ employees
  • Government of Colombia – 3M employees
  • Public Office of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires – 140K employees
  • Public Office of the Córdoba Province in Argentina – 155K employees
  • McKesson – 60K employees

Short list Meta4 when:

  • You are a multinational company located in one of Meta4's supported geographies (i.e. the U.S., Europe, and Latin/South America).
  • You're a company that aims to extend from a core HR system to performance management capabilities.
  • You're a company that is expanding and in need of global payroll and HR business capabilities.
  • You're a large company that falls into the verticals of healthcare, insurance, or public administration.

Alternative Solutions
As is the case for other solutions within the mid-market space, HR software buyers may be best advised to seek an alternative to Meta4 if:

  • Your organization needs deeper integration into additional ERP functions like financials, CRM, etc.
  • Your organization needs a recruiting function that fully leverages social media technology.
  • Your company has immediate needs for a robust mobile workforce management solution.
  • Your company has needs for a full suite of best-of-breed talent management functions.

Meta4 Competitors

Meta4 competes directly with Northgate Arinso, Ultimate Software, and of course the 3 largest competitors in the space (SAP, Oracle, and Infor) due to its global reach. However, the payroll and "core" HRMS functionality that is a hallmark of Meta4's software puts Automatic Data Processing (ADP) and countless other smaller vendors into competition with the company depending on the desired geographies requested by a particular customer. Further, the innovative nature of the Meta4 solution makes for a significant case of competition against Workday, although Meta4 has serious technological in-roads to make before it's able to create a serious bid. Finally, outside of the benefits that the Meta4 solution has in terms of talent management analytics, few HR system capabilities can measure up to the best-of-breed options of the talent management elite such as Taleo and the now-SAP SuccessFactors.

Concluding Remarks

Meta4's PeopleNet software solution provides an innovative and expertly built HCM application that provides significant advantages when deployed on a global scale. While this solution does suffer in terms of its deployment models being split between on-premise and SaaS, it should not summarily be discounted because of this. In fact, the company is clearly cognizant of the fact that cloud deployment is the future of HR software and they are moving in the right direction to take advantage of this trend. Of course, like many vendors, Meta4 has been a late entrant to the SaaS HR movement and clearing the books of on-premise deployments will be a difficult and time consuming task. However, the user experience and functionality that the company is currently delivering seems to be on point with what employees, managers, and executives are interested in; making it a solution that, given the right marketing, could see itself on the leaderboard yet again. Its drawbacks are fairly straightforward and understandable, but this solution is solid and can punch far above its fighting weight.

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Meta4 Review



Meta4 PeopleNet Software Review



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