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Kronos Workforce Central Software Review—An HCM Analysis


Workforce Central HR Software Capabilities

In addition to the primary HCM software suite functions, Kronos Workforce Central HR software includes several additional capabilities.

Business Intelligence & HR Analytics

A robust range of HR analytics, reporting and business intelligence capabilities are also available for decision-making and problem solving using data in the Workforce Central Suite.

  • Workforce Analytics is an out-of-the-box HR analytics application tailored to the Kronos Workforce Central Suite. It contains a separate workforce analytics datamart, dashboard, 160 pre-defined metrics, and an analytics portal for ad hoc queries and OLAP (online analytical processing). In addition, as a full-service business intelligence provider, Kronos also offers professional services (for a fee) to tailor business or HR analytics to fit specific needs. For example, external data can be imported into Workforce Central to create financial-oriented or operational-oriented Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). It can also build data warehouse(s) or create analytics using the customers' specific business intelligence technology if necessary.
  • Kronos supports integration to existing business intelligence analytics systems through a rich set of published XML and SOAP APIs. In addition, direct ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) from the Kronos database is supported for integration with an existing infrastructure.
  • Customers can use Crystal Reports to modify existing reports and create customized reports to fit their specific needs. Kronos offers comprehensive training cases in Crystal Reports writing to help customers create and customize reports on their own. Kronos also offers custom report writing services for customers who prefer to outsource this function. Kronos standard reports are written in Crystal, although almost any ODBC report writer can be used in conjunction with the database.
  • Workforce Analytics can also be configured to leverage other business intelligence tools such as Business Objects, Brio, or Cognos.

Social Technology

Kronos Workforce HR software houses no direct connections with social media tools even though Kronos Workforce Talent Acquisition allows direct communication with social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. As such, collaboration and higher-level strategic technology cannot be easily leveraged via the Kronos solution at this time.

International HR Software Support

The Kronos Workforce Central software suite varies in international functionality by area. However, several HR capabilities include multi-currency management, regulatory compliance support for several countries, localization from some regions and multiple languages.

The fact that Kronos is first and foremost a Time & Attendance solution comes through loud and clear when considering the languages the application supports. For example, Workforce HR is available in English only. However, Workforce Central Time & Attendance is available in US English, French, French Canadian, Mexican Spanish, Simplified Chinese, German, Dutch, Brazilian, Portuguese, Japanese, and Italian. Additional languages may be supported in future releases, but the company has yet to release details in their roadmap for when (and which) languages are to be included.

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Kronos Workforce Central Review



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