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Kronos Workforce Central Software Review


Kronos HR Software Strengths & Weaknesses

Kronos' competitive positioning in the Human Capital Management and HR software industry is highlighted with the following strengths and weaknesses.

Kronos Workforce Central Software Strengths

  • Kronos' strategy for developing their solution out of a self-service hub is an industry first that could have major implications for HR "system of record" functionality market wide.
  • Kronos' ownership by Hellman & Friedman permits access to a sizeable pool of financial resources with which to draw upon in hard times and leverage for continued Research and Development (R&D).
  • Kronos has achieved significant HR software market penetration in several global markets with recent successes in India and China. The company now looks to expand its international footprint.
  • Kronos has subject matter expertise in a number of industry verticals, and an especially broad and deep knowledgebase to draw upon in the retail and healthcare industries.
  • Strong mobile functionality for Employee and Manager Self-Service has the potential to extend past a best-of-breed scheduling and time/attendance application.
  • Reporting features utilize drag and drop capabilities which simplify custom reporting for non-technical users. Advanced reporting such as data marts and OLAP support multi-dimensional analysis, data modeling and deeper insights.
  • The customer ecosystem that has built up around Kronos solutions allows the company to draw from an extensive array of customer input (which the company openly solicits) that can steer Kronos' workforce solutions towards solving real-world business problems.

Kronos Workforce Central Software Weaknesses

  • Kronos continues to suffer internationally due to the fact that the HR and Payroll software offerings are surprisingly only available in English.
  • Most HRMS functionality is not available via a mobile device. However, Timekeeper functionality is supported on most mobile devices, including smart phones (iPhone, BlackBerry, Droid) and J2ME phones. In addition, mobile data does not reside on the mobile device. Connectivity to a service provider is required to receive data.
  • Offline capabilities are not available at this time. Both Workforce HR and Payroll are part of a web-based workforce management solution and internet connectivity is required to access this data.
  • As is the case for several Microsoft-based products, browser support is limited to Internet Explorer. Several Kronos HR software products also require browser-heavy plug-ins.
  • Several Kronos HR software products remain on dated technology; suggesting that a software technology refresh is due.
  • The majority of marketing efforts seem to be centered on workforce management software—an area where Kronos enjoys near dominance. Juxtaposed against this is the direction that company appears to be heading—which is toward a deeper and broader HR suite. Future success for Kronos hinges on the company's ability to strike a balance in these arenas.
  • Kronos Workforce HR software does not connect directly with social media tools; however, Kronos Workforce Talent Acquisition does allow some direct communication with social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The larger takeaway from this fact is that Kronos appears to be failing to recognize the broader workforce implications of social media outside of the acquisition process.

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Kronos Workforce Review



Kronos Workforce Central Review



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