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Ceridian HR/Payroll Review—An HR Software Analysis


Additional Ceridian HR Software Capabilities

Ceridian BI/Analytics

Reporting options are easily accessible through a divided vertical menu (Payroll and Other reports) and the HR system includes numerous standard reports, including a report library with over 225 HR/Payroll reports. The Power Query function allows for browser-native access to build quick reports with the user's choice of output formats. Power users can also customize company specific queries to meet specific company reporting needs. End-users have the ability to send reports to a printer or a network, save them as local files or share reports via email. Ceridian also offers comprehensive report writing services. Finally, exports of any required data can support a variety of reporting needs and methods. While reporting is broad and all the basic reports are in place, more advanced analytics such as data warehousing, data mining, online analytical processing (OLAP), data modeling and predictive analytics are largely absent.

Ceridian Recruiting Solutions

Ceridian's Recruitment offering is a robust solution that offers capabilities aimed at applicants, hiring managers and external recruiting vendors. For example, when a candidate is selected for a position, the system allows that candidate's information to be easily fed from Recruiting to HR/Payroll. The New Hire will appear as a pending workflow transaction in the "Alerts" area of the HR/Payroll home page. New Hires are placed in a pending workflow status because there are many pieces of information required to appropriately report taxes, determine benefit eligibility and perform payroll functions that cannot be acquired during the recruiting phase because of legal and other hiring requirements. For example, gender and smoker status are required for most life insurance benefits and marital status for withholding taxes; yet these pieces of information are highly regulated during the hiring phase of an applicant. When a new hire is passed from Recruiting to HR/Payroll, the pending workflow status allows the Human Resources specialist responsible for new hires to receive all of the information gathered during the recruiting phase that is needed for the new hire transaction and to build upon that existing information.

While much of the Recruiting module's functionality has become widely available from a variety of vendors (and is therefore no longer a competitive differentiator), Ceridian's simplified User Interface (UI) and automated workflow processing at least makes the process more user-friendly. However, the North American-centric nature of the solution's compliance features limits the global applicability—a serious issue for the solution.

Supported Languages

Ceridian's HR/Payroll solution is a distinctly North American solution, as it seems the software is only offered in English and French Canadian.

Mobile Capabilities

Ceridian's Workforce Management (Time and Attendance) solution supports mobile devices such as Google Android and Apple iOS platforms (including iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) and allows for approvals from the device—a significant improvement from mobile device applications that only provide alerts.

Social Media Capabilities

Ceridian's Recruiting solutions are the only software component that provides access to social media tools. Even then, functionality is limited to the posting of career opportunities—an obvious issue for long-term Recruitment and broader HR capabilities. More progressive employers seek consumer-like tools to integrate HR and recruiting data with social media apps and social networks in order to expand their reach and better engage candidates and employees. Few core HR software vendors, including Ceridian, have stepped up with social media tools or integration to meet these market opportunities.

Ceridian's InView

Little innovation has come out of Ceridian for some time save their latest project "InView". A "true" Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, Ceridian had 230 clients signed to InView as of mid-2011 and that number is of course expected to rise. Whether it's the next phase of Ceridian's product roadmap or simply a bid to get into the "cloud" game, InView has tremendous potential since the SaaS market for HRMS is still relatively wide open. Built on functionality that stems from Workforce Management (which includes Time & Attendance, Scheduling, and Dayforce's Workforce Optimization), InView is mere steps away from deploying a full HRMS, Self-Service, Payroll, and Analytics functionality. Also, apparently the software is scalable up to 36K+ employees, a huge plus for customers and Ceridian alike who haven't seen this type of solution from Ceridian to date. Further, a successful December 2011 bid to hire Larry Dunivan as SVP for Product Management and Technology is another strategic move by Ceridian that signals their market momentum towards the cloud. Joining the company from software giant Lawson, Dunivan will be heading business-wide efforts to transition the company to InView.

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