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Attracting, recruiting, developing, and retaining talent is increasingly integral to organizational success and talent management software is becoming the driving force to achieve that goal. From managing the hiring process with Applicant Tracking Systems to delivering timely on-demand learning with mobile technology, talent management systems are becoming responsible for an increasing amount of the HR workload. This channel is designed to be a gathering place for research, resources, and best practices in order to help HR leaders in their talent management software selection, implementation and improvement efforts. Talent Management Software


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Talent Management Software Articles
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4 stars
Silkroad Talent Management Software Review
Silkroad Review SilkRoad Technologies’ Life Suite is a talent management software portfolio which includes the modules of OpenHire, RedCarpet, WingSpan, GreenLight, Eprise, and Point. These HR software applications are delivered from one of the industry’s most innovative and up-and-coming vendors. Here we examine Silkroad Technologies with regard to capabilities, limitations, strengths, weaknesses and viability.
3.5 stars
The Top 4 Talent Management Software Trends to Watch
Talent Management Software With all the hype out there from HR software vendors and paid talent, it can be hard to find a voice of truth about what's happening in the talent management software market. The four top trends in this report highlight the evolving face of talent management technology from a source you can trust. And trust us, these are key trends that are worth reading more about.
3.5 stars
The 7 Features Your Talent Management Software Must Have
Talent Management Software Talent management software is increasingly becoming a "must-have" for organizations that are aware of the growing significance of HR automation to aid the quest for top talent. It's well known that HR functionality must keep pace with workplace practice and employee preference. Here we identify the 7 key features that every modern talent management system should be offering.
3 stars
Understanding The Right Talent Acquisition Metrics
Talent Acquisition Metrics The measurement of recruitment strategies has always been a necessary but confusing task for organizations; but recent skill shortages have driven the need for talent acquisition intelligence even further. Here, we seek to dispel that confusion by focusing on which talent acquisition metrics are being measured, which ones should be measured, and why that should matter to you.
3.5 stars
Building the Business Case for Talent Management Software
Talent Management Software Talent Management Software is increasingly seen as the strategic tool to help organization's weather the current talent climate. Unfortunately, too many companies fail to make a compelling argument to their executives of why this HR software is needed; neglecting competitive benchmarking, incremental deployment, and overall business strategy when crafting their business case.
3 stars
The Top 4 Frequently Asked Questions about Talent Management SaaS
Talent Management SaaS Human Resource Software-as-a-Service is fast becoming the deployment method of choice for talent management initiatives. Lingering customer questions still exist though about SaaS thanks to conflicting messages from vendors and pundits alike. Here's our list of the top HR SaaS questions asked—and the concluding answers to put these questions to rest.




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